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Mercedes Benz 190 SL

This article was inspired after seeing a red Mercedes Benz 190 SL used as a display in a shop window! The bodywork is perfect and at some point, I may pop in (it is a shop selling fashion items for twenty somethings so I would be like a fish out of water!) Read the Full Article >>>

Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire, the popular British classic sports car that outsold the MG Midget. The Triumph Spitfire appeared on the silver screen in numerous films and programmes during the 60s, 70s and beyond. Sometimes it was a cameo appearance, appearing just Read the Full Article >>>

The Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam Alpine, Classic Sports Car from the 1960s ...   The word 'iconic' is a little overused on this site, however, it seems that most of the cars we like and write about are indeed some of the great motoring icons of the 20th century. Read the Full Article >>>


The MGB - Iconic Classic Car of the 1960s and 1970s The MGB was launched by MG cars in May 1962. It followed on from the MGA and it was intended that it should be a much more modern 'squarer' design. The initial model was a four cylinder roadster however Read the Full Article >>>

AC Cobra

Articles about the AC Cobra.   The company who produced this classic car of the 1970s began almost 60 years earlier, financed by a butcher. They produced first a touring car and then, as the butcher held the purse strings, a 3 wheeler delivery Read the Full Article >>>

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