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Common Faults with the Ford Cortina MkII

Common Faults with the Ford Cortina MkII When buying a Ford Cortina MkII, as with any classic car, there are certain areas that you need to check carefully. Having said that, there aren't too many common faults with Ford Cortina MkII and as a classic Read the Full Article >>>

Common Problems with the Ford Cortina Mk1

Here are some faults and other common problems with the Ford Cortina Mk1 that you should look for if you are a buyer. It has to be said that mechanically, the Ford Cortina Mk1 had few major problems. It is important that you do look carefully for the Read the Full Article >>>

The Ford Cortina MkI

The Ford Cortina, a cheap end of the market family saloon made from the 1960s to the early 1980s. There were 5 marks of the Ford Cortina and some of the models like the Mk II 1600E are absolute iconic classic cars. During the 1970s, when me and my mates Read the Full Article >>>

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