The Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam Alpine, Classic Sports Car from the 1960s …


The word ‘iconic’ is a little overused on this site, however, it seems that most of the cars we like and write about are indeed some of the great motoring icons of the 20th century. The Sunbeam Alpine is no exception!

As such, the Sunbeam Alpine has appeared in numerous TV and film situations. One has been used several times on the Antiques Roadtrip, classic BBC daytime TV. Also on the small screen, a Series V 1967 Sunbeam Alpine was the vehicle driven by the character of Jackie Bradley. Possibly one of the best known appearances of this classic car was in the 1962 Bond film Dr No, where Bond escapes by driving the Alpine under a lorry whilst his pursuers drive their vehicle down a slope into oblivion. The Alpine has been destroyed a few time in films too. In ‘Get Carter’, the Michael Caine film set in the north east of England, the owner (who rescued Caine’s character) is locked into the boot and the Alpine dumped of the quayside into the water.

The car itself was in production from 1953 but the classic small sports car shape didn’t appear until 1959 as the ‘Series’ Alpine. The previous versions were Mark I and Mark III – there is no Mark II.

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