MG Midget Seat Runners

Seat removal is generally fairly straightforward, however, problems can occur if the bolts holding the MG Midget seat runners to the floor of the vehicle have become rusted.

As usual, when working on the vehicle, make sure that the handbrake is on and as an extra safety measure, use some sort of chock on at least one or preferably two of the wheels. If you are jacking the vehicle in order to access the underside, use axle stands to make sure that you won’t be crushed in the event of failure of the jack.

First of all, slide the seat forward on its runners and you will be able to undo and remove the retaining bolts and washers. The front retaining bolts need to be removed from underneath the MG midget. If they are corroded badly, either the use of penetrating oil or an angle grinder will be required.

Once the bolts are removed from the MG Midget seat runners, the seat can be lifted clear. Should the seat runners be corroded, it may take some waggling of the seat and some force to free them, applying pressure with some sort of lever for example a putty knife with a nice wide, flat blade, may be required. Take care not to damage the floor pan further.

You buy the runners as a pair and the two sides of the seat are different so pay attention to which is for the left hand side of the seat and the right hand side.

Once the seat runners are knackered, it isn’t possible to recondition them so they are all re-manufactured. Experience shows that they they don’t all match the originals so some tinkering may well be required to refit them.

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