Ideas for Classic Car Holidays

A few suggestions for classic car holidays …


I am not sure that I would particularly like to drive a classic car in Italy as I have found the driving to be particularly bad, however, for countryside, it is hard to beat driving an open top 2 seater through Tuscany. But the main attraction for classic car enthusiasts has to be the Mille Miglia. The words translate literally as 1000 miles and reflect the fact that the circuit takes place over a distance of arount 1600km. Why miles and not km? It reflects the fact that the Romans measured distances in miles and anyway, it had a bit of a ring to it. And one of the chaps involved in the original setting up of the race had just got back from the USA and had become used to working in miles. The origin of the name is steeped in legend though and no one really has a definitive answer as to where it really came from. The idea for the race was part driven by politics, part by rivalry within the car industry and part by marketing to show off new cars. It is very well regimented and takes place amidst great pomp and circumstance over a period of several days. But if the latter is of little appeal, watching the historic cars go past at every opportunity is a great pull. So get your hotels booked and head over to Italy for this ultimate test of a classic car!


The back roads of Scotland through the northern glens and along the coast is a must for classic car drivers. The scenery is inspirational, the roads empty (if you stay away from the main trunk roads that is) and the weather variable! But that is one of the appeals of Scotland. One minute, wet and brooding, the next minute the sun is out and the road ahead steaming as the rain evaporates. Scotland is at its best in the spring and autumn, or at least in our opinion and we have been in all seasons. May can be absolutely stunning, especially since the midges still have not hatched. Hire yourself an E-type or a Healey, maybe an MG roadster or a Morgan. Don your tweeds, flying helmet and goggles and away you go. And remember to pack the essential raincoat!!


Always the starting point for the grand tours of the 18th and 19th century well heeled travellers, France still has a lot to offer the classic car tourist. Tour Normandy, The Somme and the rest of the north of France to visit the war cemeteries. Or head south for some sunshine and the med where you can swan along the mountain roads overlooking the sea to reach Monte Carlo, or Nice. There are various big events in France for classic car enthusiasts such as the celebrated ‘Circuit des Remparts’ at Angouleme, in Charente. But if you want to have just a peaceful trundle round, choose one of the many wine making regions and tour the vinyards … but maybe you should hire a chauffeur!

Devon and Cornwall

The narrow lanes of Devon and Cornwall are perfect for a classic car holiday. There are also classic car shows in the area such as the one at Killerton House, near Exeter. At this show, there is always a magnificient display of cars which range from vintage to recent classics entertainment, food and craft stalls and stuff for the kids. Entry to the event is reasonable and charged per car rather than per person and gives them entrance to the National Trust run house and garden at Killerton. If you are looking for accommodation in this area, take a look at:

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