What You Should Know Before Entering Your First Classic Car Show

Maybe you’ve spent years restoring a classic car or re-building one from scratch, and now it’s finally time to show it off. A classic car show gives you the opportunity to showcase your labour of love while meeting other classic car enthusiasts. If you’re new to car shows, there are a few things to keep in mind to make an awesome debut.

Ship It

Depending on how far away the show is, you may want to consider shipping your classic car to reduce the chance of it getting dirty or damaged along the way. Look online to find transportation marketplaces like uShip.com to help you compare prices and book quotes. There are several methods of shipping your classic car, see also this article …

It’s All About Appearance

To catch a judge’s eye and stand out among the competition, a car must look fantastic. Many entrants do little more than a routine cleanup prior to the show, so a little extra care goes a long way. Remove rust with sandpaper or wire wool, but make sure to blend sanded areas with the rest of the car – T-cut is a useful product. Blending takes time, patience and practice. A good polish and wax will create a shiny, new look. Use proper chemical products because dish soap and general cleaning supplies can tarnish a good paint job.

You can find speciality products from a local body shop to help create the look you want. Consider adding a car badge (an international flag or crest) to your vehicle’s grille, too. They’re made with chrome over brass and have a durable enamel finish, and they can add a striking touch to your classic car.

Give the interior just as much care as the exterior by using leather polish on upholstery and metal polish other appropriate accessories. And don’t forget to vacuum.

Pay Attention to the Tyres

Appearance is everything, but the look of your car requires more than polishing the exterior and vacuuming the interior. Tyres are perhaps more important than you might think they would be. It’s crucial to make sure the tyres are in good shape. Side wall condition and good tread are key qualities. Purchasing a separate set of tyres to be used only for car shows is a worthwhile investment for those entering multiple competitions. Otherwise you can use tyre black to improve the appearance.

Clean the Engine Bay

It’s essential to have your engine in top shape before your first big show. Don’t make the beginner’s mistake of not cleaning the engine bay of your vehicle, as grease, grime and dirt can quickly take you out of prize contention. This is often the most time-consuming aspect of prepping your vehicle. Engine degreaser and metal polish will make the engine look shiny and new.

Plan Ahead

Your car can get dirty during the competition, so come prepared with supplies for periodical touch-ups. Taking a few minutes to take care of blemishes will help keep your car looking its best throughout the show.

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