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MG Midget Seat Runners

Seat removal is generally fairly straightforward, however, problems can occur if the bolts holding the MG Midget seat runners to the floor of the vehicle have become rusted. As usual, when working on the vehicle, make sure that the handbrake is on Read the Full Article >>>

MGB – Common Problems

Common Problems with an MGB - 5 Key points to Consider when Buying your MGB This is by no means a comprehensive MGB buying guide. We simply aim to point out some of the common known faults on MGB classic cars. 1 Listen to the engine When the engine Read the Full Article >>>


The MGB - Iconic Classic Car of the 1960s and 1970s The MGB was launched by MG cars in May 1962. It followed on from the MGA and it was intended that it should be a much more modern 'squarer' design. The initial model was a four cylinder roadster however Read the Full Article >>>

Buying an MG Midget

Insiders Guide to Buying an MG Midget... The MG Midget developed from the Austin Healey Sprite MK I launched in May 1958, with the MG Midget MK1 launched in June 1961. When buying an MG Midget Mark I you should note that the only difference between Read the Full Article >>>

The MG Midget

The MG Midget, THE Cult 2 seater sports car of the 1960s   The forerunner of the MG Midget family was designed and built in the lateĀ  1920s and was instrumental in keeping the British Motor Corporation solvent in the depression of the 1930s. Read the Full Article >>>

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