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Classic Cars on Screen

Classic Cars on TV and in Films Classic cars have been seen on TV and in many films over the last 30 - 40 years. At the time, some were not actually classics but were cars of the time. Some were sports cars, some were American muscle cars, others a little Read the Full Article >>>

Buying a Jaguar E-Type

The icon that is the Jaguar E-Type made its sensational debut at the 1961 Geneva motor show and has been hailed as the most beautiful car ever made. I love the E-Type and I've always wanted one for as long as I can remember, however, when buying Read the Full Article >>>

The E-type Jaguar

The E-type Jaguar with its long bonnet and sleek lines is a real classic amongst classics ... The E-type Jaguar was a revolutionary car, ahead of its time. The massive bonnet and cockpit situated just in front of the rear wheels had mass appeal but Read the Full Article >>>

Buying a used Jaguar

Tips on buying a used jaguar from an experienced car writer...   Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, especially when selecting a luxury classic car. It is probably best to purchase the vehicle from a reputable dealer, where the vehicle Read the Full Article >>>

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