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Five Classic Cars & Their Mind-Boggling Price Tags

Classic cars contain a pedigree of automotive excellence, defeating time with proven value and craftsmanship. When touchstone cars of the 20th century surface, the auctions summon auto enthusiasts willing to drop tens of millions of dollars to attain Read the Full Article >>>

Important Tips About Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is a great hobby for any petrolhead but it can be expensive. Here are some useful tips and advice for would-be classic car restorers. Restoring classic cars can be fun, exciting projects for car collectors and garage geeks. These Read the Full Article >>>

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Classic Car Enthusiasts and Owners

Finding unusual Christmas Gifts for classic car enthusiasts isn't always that easy. For a start, unless they are your nearest and dearest you are never sure if they already have the gift you are about to buy. If you go quirky, you are more likely to get Read the Full Article >>>

A Guide To Valuing Vintage and Classic Cars

Vintage cars appeal to people of all backgrounds, and why shouldn’t they? There’s little better to look at than a good old-fashioned car and it is little wonder that so many people enjoy collecting them. However because certain models are so Read the Full Article >>>

Restoring a Classic Car

Restoring a classic car to as-new condition is many motorists’ dream, but these rewarding and challenging projects can also be very expensive, especially if the vehicle you’re working on is particularly old or rare and working parts are hard to come Read the Full Article >>>

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