Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 is a real classic – the Bond car! The main one from the early bond films sold in 2010 for 2.6 million – see

George Harrison of the Beatles owned an Aston Martin DB5. It was sold for £385,000 at auction at the end of 2011 –

The Aston Martin DB5 was unleashed on the public in September 1963 and was aimed at the top end of the market with real wool carpets, reclining seats, leather trim and a fire extinguisher! The production run was just over 1000 during a two year period.

The power came from a 4 litre engine and gave it a top speed of 145mph. There were 3 variants from the standard coupe, the Vantage, the conevrtible and the shooting brake. The Vantage was a limited edition performance model and neither of the other two, in our opinion, looked anywhere near as good as the original body shape.

It was actually developed from the DB4 with the most significant changes being hidden from view under the bonnet. The engine capacity was increased by widening the cylinder bore, it was fitted with an alternator rather than a dynamo, the brakes were much improved and it had a fully syncromeshed 5 speed gearbox, something we take for granted but in the ’60s, it was new technology. There were of course some cosmetic tweaks from the DB4 for example, electric windows. As an option, you could have air conditioning.

Because so few Aston Martin DB5s were produced, it can be quite difficult for the classic car enthusiast to buy one. When they do come up for sale, they are expensive too. But beware of buying at a distance to avoid being scammed. Buy from a reputable dealer.

The best that most of us could hope for would be to own a model, for example, the classic model of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 on amazon but even that isn’t cheap …

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